Cold Remedies – How To Keep Those Colds Away

Ah, the common cold; whether it’s summer or winter, once in a while it raises its ugly head in most peoples’ lives.   For some, it can be just a mild irritation, while for others; it can make them feel pretty miserable :(.

The best thing to do to prevent, or reduce the longevity of your cold, is to boost your immune system.  If you head down to your local drug store, you will find plenty of over the counter cold remedies that claim to reduce symptoms.  I suggest you save your money and look at some simple, natural cold remedies that you can start implementing today!

Natural Cold Remedies

Believe it or not, you may already have access to some great cold remedies in your kitchen.  See my post on the foods that can help to strengthen the immune system.  Implementing the following steps, can greatly help to reduce your chances of getting a cold, or the severity of a cold.

•    Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly green leafy ones.  Also, eating organic is your best choice, if at all possible. Yes, I know; this is something that I do tend to harp on about ;).  I cannot stress enough the benefits that making some simple changes to your diet will have on improving your overall health and well-being.

•    Cut down on (or ideally, eliminate) refined sugars and processed foods. The bottom line; these types of foods put unnecessary stress on your body.

•    Rest.  Mother Nature has a great way of knowing when to tell us that we need to slow down.  Be kind to yourself, and know that by getting that much needed sleep, you will allow your body time to rejuvenate.

•    Plenty of fluids.  By this, I mean plenty of clean, fresh water.  Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.  I always start my day with a glass of warm water, with the juice of a lemon.  Lemons are amazing and have too many health benefits for me to go into here. Suffice to say, lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body, and your body needs to be in an alkaline state to maintain great health, and keep those colds away.

•    Walking.  There are so many great benefits of walking.  Even if you are coming down with, or already have a cold, you can still keep up a little bit of gentle exercise.  The key here is ‘gentle’.  If you push your body too hard, it will actually be counterproductive.

•    Fresh Air.  We’re not just talking great outdoors here; what about the indoor air quality in your home?  It is very important to make sure that your home is kept well ventilated.  This will help to reduce airborne particles  that can impact negatively on your health, making you more susceptible to colds.

•    Sunshine and Vitamin D.  We are always hearing about the negative effects that too much sun can have on you, however not having enough sun exposure is also detrimental to your health.  Sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D, which is important in positively stimulating the immune system.

•    Emotional stressors.  Emotional well-being is an essential ingredient when it comes to good health. If negative patterns dominate your life, it can greatly increase your susceptibility to not only colds, but also other illness.  If necessary, seek the help of a health care adviser to help you to address the issues in this area of your life.

So there you have it folks, some great natural cold remedies.  Why not start implementing them today?

Hilary :)

Abundance Of Wellness Advocate

16 Responses to “Cold Remedies – How To Keep Those Colds Away”

  • Great article,

    Some great easy to follow tips, its good to be reminded of the basics.

  • My favorite cold remedy is Vitamin D. I used to take Vitamin C for colds and nothing much happened. That all changed when I started on Vitamin D. My grandson was always getting colds and then one day my daughter discovered that he had climbed up to the kitchen cabinet with the vitamins in it and had helped himself to the jar containing the pretty zinc and echinacea pills. The next day his cold was gone!

    • Hilary:

      I’m with you on the Vitamin D, Wal. Love the story about your grandson – children are so intuitive. I found a similar thing when my children were very small when it came to using homeopathic remedies. I remember one time in the night, my son was crying and full of cold. I was trying to determine which remedy to give him. With my first choice, he kept crying and resisting the remedy. With my second choice, he calmly took it, and went straight back off to sleep!

  • Very timely post Hilary. I have already had my first cold for the season – and hopefully my last. I always try and use natural cold remedies especially eating more vitamin c rich foods.

  • Hello Hilary,

    Fantastic Hints, and so true about over the counter pills. Natural remedies are much better….walking, sun and fruit/vegetables work well every time. I also like to hit the soups when I am coming down with a head cold. Vegetable soup with lots of garlic works wonders.


    • Hilary:

      Thanks Lisa for the input. Yes, nice warming, easily digestible soups can certainly be very appealing for many, and yes, gotta love that garlic :)!

  • Hi Hilary

    Good advice, which is really handy for this time of year. We tend to be so busy these days we forget about doing the healthy things and a glass of water with lemon juice in the morning is so refreshing.

    • Hilary:

      Thanks for the feedback Kerry. Certainly life can be so busy, however thankfully there are some simple changes we can make that can have a positive impact on our health.

  • Ki:

    Thanks for the reminders! Certainly grandmother had some of the right ideas: lots of fresh fruit & veges (it was almost all organic then, from the home garden or shared from the neighbours), a little rest, a little exercise,a relax in the morning sun (but not too much)and some relaxation in the rocking chair!

    • Hilary:

      Thanks Ki. Yes, my grandparents had a large garden and grew a lot of their own veges. We really don’t need to complicate things. The simple tried and tested ideas from times past are still the best!

  • G’day Fellow Crab,
    Hope your birthday was loads of fun. I love your advice in this post. Natural preventative remedies are head and shoulders [ although a bit slower ] than the poisons the pharmacy will try to flog you. I seem to spend more on fruit and vegetables than the rest of the housekeeping.
    Mandarins are MAGIC at present !
    Bookmarked Severely !

    • Hilary:

      Hi Harry. Yes, there are so many natural cold remedies available to us, that really cost so little, and do not contain any harmful toxins.

  • Lemon juice in water has been a favourite of mine for many years. It is a refreshing drink on a hot day. Good to be reminded of some of the basics of what our body needs… sometimes we get lazy and go for the “non-healthy” stuff. I agree, natural is best!

    • Hilary:

      Thanks Carolyn. It is easy to forget that there are so many great natural ways to live an abundance of wellness life :)!

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