How To Keep A Healthy Shopping List

Ah, the good old grocery shopping, one of life’s little necessities.   Some people seem to cope quite well with it, while for others, it’s one of those, ‘let’s get this over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible’!  Either way, do you always remember to head to the shops with a healthy shopping list?

Most of us lead very busy lives, working around work, school, family, and many other commitments, that quite often the grocery shopping can mean a last minute dash to the local supermarket.  When we get there, we desperately try to remember all the things that we wanted to buy, AND, rack our brains with thoughts of what the heck are we going to feed the family for dinner?!  This often results in grabbing ‘quick meals’ and packet food, in our haste to have something to serve up.  Certainly this isn’t the healthiest and most nutritious choice to make.  Most of us have good intentions of wanting to go to the shops with a healthy shopping list, and it is possible; it just takes a little bit of thought and forward planning.

Health Shopping List Tips

Here are my tips on creating a healthy shopping list:

•    Write the list!  A simple tip, but do we all remember to do it?  How often do you find you get home to realize there was something you forgot to buy?  Writing a list can also help to prevent impulse buying, and getting extra things that you really don’t need, which is important when on a budget.  Place the list somewhere, preferably in the kitchen, where it is noticeable and accessible.  When you finish things off, or think of something you need, add it to the list.
Don’t go shopping when hungry.  I’m sure most of you have heard this before, but how true is it?!  Your tummy is rumbling, and as you wander down the aisle of bright and colorful tempters, you can’t help but throw in a few extras to tide you over, or, you think how delicious that dessert would be for dinner.
Look for produce that is in season.  This is better for you, the environment, and your pocket.  Produce that isn’t in season will often have traveled a long way to reach the shelf, and as a result will have lost some of its nutritional value.  It is also most likely to be more expensive.
Fresh is best.  If you can, buy your fruit and vegetables from your local farmers market or growers.  That way you know it’s fresh, and hasn’t been sitting somewhere in storage for a long period of time.
Buy organic food when possible.  Again your best choice for freshness and affordability is to buy from local growers.  Eating organic food doesn’t need to blow your budget out the window.  There are certain fresh products that I would choose to buy organic to reduce mine and my family’s intake of chemicals and pesticides.
Avoid processed foods.  If possible, cook from scratch.  This way you know what is going into your meal, and also it usually works out to be a cheaper option.  ‘I don’t have the time!’ I hear you cry! Yes, I know you’re busy, but there really are plenty of quick and easy recipe ideas out there, just go online and take a look.
Avoid any products that contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  As we’re talking about a healthy shopping list here, need I really say anymore?
Leave the children at home.  I’m sure any of you parents out there can vouch for this :)!  Some kids classic one liner’s include: ‘I’m starving’!  And ‘Please can I just have this, it’s only a dollar!’ Tell me you haven’t found yourself at the checkout, and you start emptying your basket to find it filled with extra snacks that you know you didn’t put there yourself?

Hopefully, you’ve found my tips for creating a healthy shopping list helpful.  Last but not least, be kind to the environment by remembering to take your recycled shopping bags with you when you go!

Hilary :)

Abundance Of Wellness Advocate

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